Useppa Island is an exclusive private island club located between Boca Grande and Sanibel in Southwest Florida. Useppa offers first-class amenities and historic accommodations and serves as a serene escape dedicated to the pure art of relaxation and recreation of members, owners and guests.

Beastly Hot and Wickedly Wet

Beastly Hot & Wickedly Wet

Photos and Thoughts By UseppaGin

Hot days and storms are all part of summer on Useppa, but so are family island reunions, croquet, landscaping, and lunch on the Collier patio.  We said good-bye to Shane Felts, our Food and Beverage Manager and celebrated a new baby about to arrive in the lives of former Sous Chef Josh Wainwright and Meagan Nolan.

The rain will be gone by the weekend.

Come on out and join us for Labor Day.